Friday, January 15, 2016

Workshop On the Go and Workshops your Way

Annual Inspirations Workshop on the Go's are either for cards or for scrapbook pages.  In the annual book you can get Workshop on the Go for the different papers  They have: 1- paper packet (6 Double sided pattern papers and 6 card stocks)- 1 D stamp, 1 - Assortment, 1-"bing", extra cardstock for the project and 1 - instructional brochure.  The pattern is for a 2 page layout and what how-to-pattern will coordinate with pages.  You get the card/envelopes for 15 cards with the card workshop.  They cost $29.95 plus shipping and tax.

In the Seasonal Expression you get Workshops Your Way: 1 paper packet (12 double sided pattern papers), 1 complement, extra cardstock for the project, 1 each of the extra things on the page with the paper.  You get a guide to cut 3 - 2 page layouts and 8 - 9 cards.  You need to add a few things.  The instructions can be downloaded from for each of the 3 paper packets in the book.  In order to do the cards you will at least need the stamp set but I would also recommend the Thin cuts that match the stamp set.  I tried cutting out the images on the one stamp set I didn't have a thin cut for and the thin cuts are much easier and neater. You will need the cards and envelopes. You will get 3 - 2 page layouts, 2 Picture My Life layout (which you can actually adhere to paper as 1 - 2 page layout) and 8 -9 cards all together.  For some of the cards you will need watercolor paper, watercolors and  permanent ink or embossing so that you can use the water colors.  Workshops your way cost $26.95 plus shipping and tax and the additional things you need.

I have made each of the 3 Workshops Your Way for : Charlotte, Penelope, and Regatta.  They are easy cuts.  They look really cool.   They use 4x6 , 4x4 and 3x4 photos.  I am excited about Workshops Your Way as the new way of doing pages and cards.  From each guide you will get 4 -  2 page layouts and 8 - 9 cards. The guide indicates what cuts are for the pages and what cuts are for the cards.  You don't need to cut out the cards if you don't want to and you have the pattern for the cards if all you want to do is cards.  I haven't used the extra things that matched but really saw the benefits of using them.  It also gave me ideas of how I might use them in other projects with the same paper.  I am excited about the new Workshops Your Way.  I hope you are too.

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