Thursday, February 18, 2021

Learning from those "opps" moments

 I do a Technique Tuesday at 2pm on Facebook Live and Tuesday was Making the Most of Mistakes:

These are the cards that I was "Playing" with to see how new things might got together.

It is hard to tell but I did 2 butterflies and colored them the same. I used 3D foam on the body of both butterflies.  In person the wings stand out. The stamp is gorgeous but if you are making multiple cards, coloring like this with 2 per card can be time consuming.  I think it is worth it but just making a note for all those future cards that need lots of coloring.  What you also can't see is that I used a shimmer brush over both butterflies.  This time I was sure that the markers had dried because many CTMH inks are water base.  The markers are alcohol based but they will "bleed" the inks if they aren't dry.  The open hearts have a red tint as I didn't wait for the drying and the shimmer brush picked up from the solid hearts the color.  

The gnomes didn't have mask so I stamped one of them and then cut out the shape that would work and traced it on the back of the glitter paper.  I didn't draw lines around the outside or on the 3 panels. I did with the sofa card.   Sometimes plain is the best.

I have wanted to use this whole family on a card and until the slim line came out, I didn't have the space.  The inside has the saying "Staying in is the new going out".  Again there was lots of coloring and cutting.  It isn't bad unless you do lots of multiples at one time.

The Distress Oxide inks react with water.  I tried spraying from our old sprayers and it was a fine mist.  It made the paper wet and when I put it on the card I thought it was dry but part of the paper stuck to the Tombow runner.  I played later splattering with water from my fingers and from a water brush.  It was more like what I was looking for.  

The "sofa" or "davenport" I thought would be cute to do in the color that I was going to coloring on but it made the saying sort of go away.  I used my Melissa Esplin marker to draw over the saying - It would have been better to just do the outline in black or write on a separate piece as tracing doesn't do what you think it should.

I love using liquid glass. I couldn't wait for this stamp to come and try it.  The nozzle was plugged so I used a needle and didn't notice that I made a hole on the side as well as opening up the whole thing.  It blopped terrible in the middle of the jar and obliterated any of the lettering. I used a water brush to move it around.  It didn't turn out well.   I was going to do it to the TV but didn't and just used a shimmer brush

The Virtual Hugs on the laptop I used the liquid glass and finally got it right.  It was smooth and nice.  I just changed out the tip of  liquid glass and just used the tip to get it smooth and even - sort of like you were waxing a floor.  Next time I will use it on the jar and TV.  I used the liquid pearls to go in the open space of the lettering.  It probably would have worked better to use a marker.  
If you are trying something new, post it and share what you tried, what you learned and what you might do next time.  Keep pushing the "envelope" of your discoveries and have a good time.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day cards

 Check out my website for Perfect Match for the different kit possibilites to make pages, cards and toppers.  I have used the paper to make some of my own cards.

Remember the thin cut that has all those little doors?  It is a perfect way to do a wonderful card for the kids or the kids at heart in your life.

This is a card for that special someone in your life.

This was a thin cut for a birthday card wheel.  I transformed it into a Valentine card wheel.  Spin and see what things 'Love is' this season.

There is a special heart thin cut for a shaker card and even if you can make your own hearts by thin cuts, there are some great new plastic hearts that go inside of the card.

I put the envelope I stamped right under the card so it is an illusion that the card is bigger than it is. This features the new card and envelope for the 8 1/2 x 3 1/2 card size.  This is for those with a big heart.  

Post what you are working on for your Valentine's Day cards.  I would like to see your creativity.  

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Boxing Week Sale and other specials


Dec 26 - Dec 31 there will be new offers posted daily at 12 am MST.  All sales count toward VIP bank credits and the SOTM.  Offers are available while supplies last.  Check out my website each day.

"We are good together" is the first VIP customer program workshop and virtual event.  You will need to buy your bundle VIP102 ($45.95 + shipping and tax) to follow along on the event Feb 25 at 2pm.  The bundle will be available from Jan 1 - March 31 and you can watch the video after the live event.  Not a VIP yet?  Check out my website and join.

Bring back my pack Blossom will be available Monday Dec 28 at 9am until February 28. The workshop bundle is cc122014 for $64.95 (+shipping and tax) You can also get pieces of the workshop.

Perfect Match - is available now until Feb 28.  This bundle is $34.95 (+shipping and tax) and makes great scrapbook pages and cards.  You can get ready for Valentines Day and other events you "love".

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Check out the side bar

The side bar has links to some great things.  Check out what is there and link to my website for even more information

Merry Little Christmas


Seasons in Motion

Do Fall and Christmas animated cards.  This is an addition to the animated cards already available.  This has a thin cut front to the card so that the motion takes place.

CTMH Kids Crafts - Feeling Grateful album
Close To My Heart has been doing great online classes for the kits of cards and scrapbook pages.  They have also started Kids crafts lead by Monica's 9 year old daughter.  

Moments Like These
Each year Close To My Heart has a calendar kit to make 12 x 12 pages on top and 12 x 12 calendar on the bottom.  I make 5 of these for gifts for the family.  There are calendar blanks so that you can design your own but each year there is a different stamp set available with everything cut for you just ready to adhere.  Check it out. 

November December Catalog

Every 2 months there is a new seasonal catalog that comes out.  This one has a whole month to go!  When you place an order, you can add one free.  

December Stamp of the Month

Every month there is a different D stamp for $18.95.Decembers is "Happiness never grows old".  If you purchase $50 of merchandise, you can get this stamp for $5 (plus shipping and tax which is on the full price)  If you are a VIP member and you get $50, you get the stamp free. 

Join and be a VIP shopper

Before December 31 there is a promotional sign up special.  You pay $35 and get $25 back in free credit.  January 1 it goes to $15 which will be the regular price.  You get 15% in credit for retail shopping.  You have access to special workshops.  Join with me, and we will also do some special things.  I do Zoom Classes for cards and scrapbook pages. I will design pages or cards that fit your needs.  You will be the first to know new things that are on the way.

Close to my Heart Core Product catalog

This is a catalog that goes from September 2020 - August 2021.  You will find paper packets, stamps and thin cuts plus the supplies you need to get your products done.  

Shop with me

This takes you to my website and allows you to explore all kinds of different things.  There are also Clearance items and Online items only.

Craft With Heart

Close To My Heart has Cut Above products (like the calendar) that are all precut.  These subscriptions are for scrapbooking and cards.  Check them out.  You can choose the price by how many times during the year you want your projects to show up.  You can see ahead of time the scrapbook pages and cards that you will be making.  There is some stamping required for the card but you get the stamp set, small ink pad and a small block to accomplish your tasks.

Be a Hostess

You can do an online party and people can check out with your party and you can gain the rewards.  I am willing to do a zoom class with you to showcase some of the projects you and your friends might be interested in.

Join my team

We are not called consultants anymore but called "makers".  Becoming a maker means more % off and more access to training.  Being part of my team means that I will be there for you to coach you in your business or hobby interests.  Contact me 

Make it From Your Heart

This is the blog from Close to my heart.  There are free patterns, great training and showing off the products.  If you subscribe you can get this in your mail box.

Don't forget to subscribe to this blog!

You will find out what is going on.  You can post to challenges.  You can get excited about what you are working on.


I have a business Facebook page: Barbara Page Kell's Close to My Heart Scrapping Fun.  You will see much of what I post here.  There are some people not on Facebook so I also post some things to Pinterest - Barbara Kell under Craft Time.

CTMH also has a Facebook page.  From here you can sign up for the workshops online that are free.  If you miss it, you can watch later.  Also if you click 'going' your name will go into a drawing for free products.  I will also post the classes on my Facebook page for your reference and ease of finding them.  

I am interested in helping you do the things that you really want to do.  I love to create designs.  I love to help people in classes - it is a Zoom class with heart and fellowship.  Visit often and let me know what your needs are.  I can post them on the blog or send them to you individually.  Have a great day and have fun creating and organizing all that is crafty.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The rest of the Christmas Card buffet

 If you are interested in making any of these cards along with the 12 previously posted, please contact me as soon as possible.

November cards

 Here is a look at the cards we are doing for November.  

CTMH has done some new animated cards for autumn and Christmas. There is now a thin cut you can use as well as the plastic lines.  I have a Big shot and need to use foam to help get all the thin lines to cut.  CTMH has its own die machine which words very well.

The Thin cut tag is really fun to use.  I did the Distress Oxide inks and used a water color brush to drag the color down on the tag.  

I got the 12 inch plates for the Big Shot to take in the whole waterfall thin cut.  The squares on the bottom show you what they look like.

I did the candles from the Thin Cut Happy Birthday border and used the packages from the Christmas Jingle Joy thin cut and stamps.  They look good as birthday presents as they do as Christmas present's 

Got Candy and using that guide for other paper

 Got candy was a great set of pages and candy toppers.  Our group, however wanted just pages.  There were 3 2-page layouts and a single page.  I duplicated the single page and have enough left over for another another 2 page layout.  First I will show you the Got candy pages and then an older packet I found called Sugar Rush. 

Now you can see what using a different paper does to the pattern.

It is fun to take a pattern and use it again with different paper.  I did have the embellishments from the other paper which helped it go faster.  I have tried this with just paper and found that I could use the Cricut and stamps and Thin cuts I have to make it really work.  Try it some time and post what you think about changing up the paper.