Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Every Little Thing Paper packet

Close to My Heart now has 2 catalogs.  One is for all year and contains the basics.  The other is for just TWO months!.  There is a wonderful scrapbook workshop and card kit.  There are also the basics that you can use to your maximum creativity.  I helped the grandkids make their albums and then I made my basic album.  I don't have photos in it yet.

I used:
Every Little Thing Paper Packet and Sticker sheet x7248S
Every Little Thing Coordinating cardstock X7248D
Every Little Thing Vellum Die Cuts Z3521
Picture my Life Cards - Every Little Things X7248E
Every Little Thing Scrapbooking stamp D1877

There are several new things which are fabulous!

The Alcohol markers are now Spectrum Noir and have 3 shades of the color.  This is great for blending.
Close To My Heart has partnered with Melissa Esplin a renowned calligraphy and lettering expert.  There are special small brush pens, a Penmanship "how to" book with pages you can use vellum paper to learn and to follow and stamps made from her handwriting.

If you have worked with me for any time, you know that I am always pushing journal writing as when you look back in your albums, many of the details not written there are also not in your memory.

The Vellum Die cuts are fantastic.  I used the Spectrum Noir markers on the back and blended really well.  Usually I had trouble with any adhesive showing through but that isn't the case with these wonderful die cuts.

I love the Storyteller by Stacy Julian - another partnership with Close to My Heart.  I always enjoyed using the flip flaps but her book has encouraged me to use various sizes of page protectors as well as the 1/2 and full pages as a way to enhance using photos and journaling to tell an extended story.

I did a video to show you how my album is coming along. I seem to be having a problem getting the video here.  I have taken individual photos but it is hard to see the 1/2 page memory protectors and whole page ones. 

There is a special memory protector combo pack.  If you buy the special memory protector pack and a paper packet, a sticker sheet, coordinating cardstock and picture my life cards, I will help you put your album together in a way you have never dreamed possible. 

Friday, September 6, 2019

Making memories and Making albums

Our family had a great time going to the family reunion and with that came fishing.  We then went to other family and had the occasion to canoe and go through a cave.  We have been watching our grandkids at the end of the summer so I helped them make their album of the summer events.

I took large paper bags and folded them in half and punched them for 2 rings.  In all each girl did 6 bags with 6x6 inserts for other photos.  As I am careful about putting kid's photos on the internet, I had them share their project from behind.  One is 6 and one is 9. 

This was a fun project and the memories of the summer will live on.

September cards

Close To My Heart has great thin cuts.  There are templates that is good for cards and scrapbooks - One is squares and one is circles.  These can be for any season or any occasion.

The other card for September is a simple card but I feature the Thin Cut Tags as a way to put the saying on.  You can have any occasion card you desire. 

Contact me if you would like to be part of making these cards. 

Cut Above Calendar - Reasons to smile

 Reasons to Smile Calendar with stamp set is what I am highlighting!

A calendar made just from you to special people has always been available from Close To My Heart.  CTMH has changed catalogs to 2 months from 4 which means it will seem as soon as they are here, they will be gone! Until October 31, you can get this wonderful Cut Above Calendar. Don't wait - Don't' hesitate.  Get it today.  It is super easy to put together.  The base pages are made for you and so are the punch outs and stickers.  The directions show you how to put it together.  You can get the kit without the stamp set.  You can get the kit without the calendar and make 12 wonderful pages.

This year they also have stickers for the numbers of the days of each month.  There is a wonderful stamp set to help highlight what happens on the days.  I make my calendars for gifts and some of the stickers are things that need to go on as the year progresses.  I am going to make stickers to give with the calendar so my recipients can keep having this calendar share what they need to do.

If this looks like a project that you would want to do, let me know.  I can come to your house if 2 - 3 want to make this together or you can come to my house and have a great time putting it all together.

Here are the months. 

There is a cover which is also great - if you are doing these as a scrapbook you actually have 12 12x12 pages.

The directions are great at making this project quick and simple.

I love this stamp set and it will be good for other calendars as well as useful in scrapbooking.

Friday, July 12, 2019

More photos with flip flaps and 1/2 page protectors

Everyone has their weaknesses.  I don’t mind naming some of mine and how I am trying to deal with them.   1 - I have way to many pictures that I want to scrapbook. 2- I use way to many flip flaps to get ALL the photos on a page 3 - I don’t like leaving “open” space on a scrapbook page.

I have found that Close To My Heart helps me with all 3 of my issues.  They have great designs which you get with all Workshop Your Way.  They have great designs in their How-to books.  In the books you can look in the front and see different layouts and the number of photos used.  They also have Pocket Plus pages that are 1/2 pages that can fit in between pages.  They also have Memory Protector 12 x 12 pages which can be more than just for putting photos in.

CTMH has started a series with Stacy Julian.  The latest book is StoryTeller and there is a Memory Protector Combo Pack that puts various sizes together for a 12 x 12 album.  The following is a rough cutting guide for the combo packet and 1/2 a paper packet plus neutral paper.

Our family gets together of the July 4th weekend.  I am making Christmas present of some of their childhood photos, their vacation photos and this July 4th weekend.  As I am making 4 books, I decided to look through my stash of papers - left over from projects.  I didn’t have the papers to cut as I had designed but I used the sizes to put this sample together.   

One of the things I love is the 6x12 flip flap.   The page is shown Left side first and then Right side.

Below is the flip flap - Left is the inside so that the right side of the Right page is the same paper and the flip flap outside looks just the the left side of the Left page when it is closed.

This is the sample of the other 12x12 page.  Here the Flip flap is identical to the page.

Below is one of the Pocket Plus pages - 3 - 4x6 size.  The bottom show the journaling 4x6 size from the other page.  I am going to do a blog post later about possible journaling options.
I share these from the vertical Design 3 Pocket Plus.  My intent is to use the Thin Cut Tags to cut Photos and put them on the sections.

This is the 6x6 size protector.
This was an “Opps”. I cut for a 6x8 protector but what I needed to to was for an 8 1/2 x 11. Since I had adhered to both sizes, I cut from neutral paper the edge to make it fit the protector.  My plan is to put photos in the slide spaces.

I will update in later posts how things look with photos.  Give the cuts and page a try.  You can order the flip flaps in all the sizes of photos and the page protectors from my website: Barbarapagekell.ctmh.com. Share what you do.   Have fun!

Friday, June 28, 2019

July Card Buffet

Some of the July Card buffet is done.  Thought I would let you get a sneak preview.

I am using a few of the card Workshop Your Way kits.  I am also using the Mix in paper packet and card stock along with this year's color Sugarplum.  There will be a few more cards to come.