Friday, October 15, 2021

What do you do with scraps and leftovers?

 When I did all the shaker cards, I was left with glitter rectangles. I also have left over pieces from many projects. CTMH now sells white cards only but I have some of the Colonial White (ecru) left over. I also have made many thin cuts for people to choose from with their shaker cards.  I decided to try and use them up as well - as best as I could. I decided to play with ideas that I want to use for my Christmas Card buffet.  Here is the result of the play time:

What is left after the smallest rectangle shaker size is a small solid piece which fits on the bottom of the tag and shows through the heart as a glitter heart.  

I still have scraps left but it is fun to see what you can make.

Share what you can do with your left overs and scraps.  

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Halloween Cards

 I love the 4 girls and 4 boys stamps and thin cuts that are Halloween!  I was playing with the Distress Dioxide inks for backgrounds and got carried away.  It was fun to just play and make 18 cards in combinations of all the stamps/thin cuts.  If anyone is interested in making these cards, let me know and we can Zoom or get in person.

I am having great fun with the Distress Dioxide inks.  They are fun to blend and get wonderful backgrounds for all sorts of cards.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Card groups for September, October and November

 Card groups are starting up again.  There will be Zoom and in person.  If you are vaccinated we can use my house or yours for a small group.  You can sign up for the group you have time for.  We will make 4 cards per month and in late November early December we will have a Christmas Card buffet where you can make your Christmas cards. 

If you choose to sign up for just 1 month,  is $15 if you are new or $13 if you have done cards before.  If you sign up and pay or 3 months it is $36.  If you bring a paying friend each of you will get $1 off  per month so $1 for 1 paying month or $3 for paying for 3 months.  

The cards on Zoom classes will not be exactly as the cards in person.  You can see Septembers ideas and some of October.  There has been a delay in getting materials and my times have been full.  

These are the Zoom classes.  The Gnomes are birthday cards. The flower cards can be any sentiment. You can ask for the stamped sentiment you need: thank you, thinking of you, sympathy etc. 

The cards for the in person classes will be shaker cards. You will have choices what to put in the shaker cards and the sentiments you stamp.

The fourth card has other sentiments to stamp in the middle if you are in person.  I also have different color stickles that you can use.  For those who will be on Zoom and stay on Zoom, I suggest you go to my website: and choose a stickle gold or silver color.  I have found that the embellishments can make you pay extra for a card to be sent in the mail.  Stickles are not that bumpy but make a card look elegant.  I have used water colors for this months cards.  You can use markers or colored pencils as well.

The Zoom October cards will be a choice of one of these 2, two other slimline cards that are for the September special.  I will also be making some Halloween cards you can choose to make.  There will also be a "waterfall" birthday card option.

The in person classes will be using Distressing Dioxide inks.  You can choose what color you wish to make things.

Call me 608-370-0156 and lets get you signed up for classes.  

Friday, September 3, 2021

National Stamping Month - Slimline Collection

 I have fallen in love with the Slimline cards!  This collection is amazing.  You can get the stamps, stamp and thin cuts, background thin cuts separately or as a bundle and you have the workshop guidelines you can download.

The bundle of stamps and thin cuts and papers can be found on my site.  Here are just the stamps and thin cuts.

Each of the cards can be full of sparkles.  The directions tell you how to put the cards together.  If you look at the cards, each of the images are thin cut.  When I do this over again, I am going to just get 2 sheets of  4 x 12 Daisy White and cut them all at once by looking at the cards and doing the double sets a second time.  I did mark zip lock bags and put the thin cuts in their appropriate numbered bag.  There is a good amount of work to cut, stamp outline and then color each of the thin cuts.  This is however the National Stamping Month collection.  You will get your stamping muscles a good work out. 

I love that they give you both vertical and horizontal sayings to stamp on the inside.  These can be used on a variety of cards past this collection.

You also have a variety of saying on each stamp set.  The workshop guidelines gives you a suggestion but you can really make these your own by choosing a variety of things.

After I follow the directions, I always decide to play and see what I can do.  The following are the cards I made.  The guidelines gives you 2 cards per design which is how I have the saying next to the front.  I only did 1 of each design I came up with.

You can make a variety of cards using a variety of paper.  Share your creations and see what joy you have working with this great National Stamping Month collection.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Creating new cards - Card 2 Take 1 and 2

Take 1.

Sometimes what you see in your mind as you are creating, is really neat or with a few changes can become a good card.  This time the first card didn't come out like I thought at all.

This sunburst thin cut is back ordered until sometime in September.  It was going to be discontinued but it was brought back by demand.

There are 12 spaces.  That means you need to cut 12 times to be different things in each space.  I love that the Close To My Heart papers are coordinated.  The cardstock has 2 tones per page so you could cut "front and back" so to speak.  I had some older paper in some quantity left so I started with that I had used with pages.

I had some cardstock that matched so I added that in as well.
I choose what pieces I wanted in the spaces.

Because there were some plain cardstock, I thought it might be neat to put them through the Die cutting machine in an embossing folder.  You spritz a little water to help get the images deeper.

I thought about using different ones on different pieces but in the end put them through with one kind.  

I don't know if I should have stamped on the cardstock but I just didn't like how it turned out.
I chose some sentiments and did it with ink, black with distressing inks behind and just plain black.

I had an 1 inch punch and a 1 1/2 inch punch but ended cutting it out.

I had waited so long for this and it just didn't look as good as I expected.  
So Take Two. 

I don't know about you but sometimes I get in a rut and don't think out side of the box.  We have used scissors (decorative ones too) and punches for a long time.  We then had the Cricut that would cut things out. I thought about cutting out circles at 1 1/4 inches and then stamping on them.   I have learned to love my die cutting machine more and more for ease of use.  As I was looking for something else, I came upon some die cut circles for this project and they were just right.

CTMH has "Mix ins" which is paper that will fit into the packs in that catalog.  All of the paper packets are coordinated but when it comes to smaller size coordination, I think the mix ins have it hands down.

I also realized that if I wanted to use the embossing folders, that I should do it BEFORE I did the sunburst die cut.  It would be much easier.  Because I was "playing" I chose to try the Daisy White.  I thought I would try the Distress Oxide inks.

So I decided that I would make 2 of the Daisy White embossed ones and 2 of the combination of the Mix in papers that I had cut.

I really really liked how they turned out.  I tried to get some of the colors opposite and some not so much.

Then came the use of Distress Oxide inks.  I tried one with just shades of a color and one with different colors.  Check your color wheel if you want help choosing colors.

I also liked these but I stamped on top of the Distress Oxide Inks and think it might be better to stamp first and really let it dry and then do the inking over.  I noticed that I put the circle in the bottom rather than the top. I will try and play with it differently as to where the circle is next time.  I also love using the green liquid Tombow for this type of card.  The very thin lines do not work well with a tape runner.  The liquid gives you a little time to "move" the paper on the card. 

The way I cut the mix in paper with the hearts did determine which way the circle went on the sun bust cut.  Before using this thin cut, you would need to decide when you are cutting the paper if you want the circle on top or on the bottom.  You would also need to decide if you want to use it Landscape rather than Portrait.  

If you have this thin cut, post your cards here.  If you have a Take 1 and Take 2 card you can also post them here.  Have fun and keep trying until you get what you are seeing in your head.