Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Close To My Heart has some great holiday papers.  One of them is called City Sidewalks.  The following are the 3 pages and 3 designs of 3 cards you can make with the Workshop Your Way.
You can also do the optional pocket Plus addon.  The Pocket Plus comes in 4 designs with 10 protectors each.
Design 1 is 3 horizontal 4x6 photo pockets
Design 2 is 2 vertical 6x4 photo pockets
Design 3 is 6 vertical 4x3 pockets
Design 4 is 4 3x4 photo pockets
These can go in any album and give you an added way to add photos without adding more pages.  Also with Workshop Your Way, you have 2 pages of 3- 4x6 and 6 -3x4  pocket cards to use.  In November if you search #ctmhcitysidewalks, you will see all the great things people are doing.  I am getting ready for my Christmas gathering photos now.

When you get the Workshop Your Way, you will have enough paper to make these 9 cards as long as you also get the blank cards and envelopes and the stamp sets Joy to You & Me and have the inks. Not pictured is the options of the Pocket Plus pages.  You can see the paper if you go to my website .  On that same page you can see the Guide and that shows the add ons.  You can see the Pocket Plus with the albums on the website.  

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