Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oraganization starts where you are!

Yesterday I posted my first "Technique Tuesday".  I have been going through my old files and organizing what I want to post each Tuesday.  I haven't been able to figure out how to print my blogposts - maybe you know how or you don't know either.  It got me to thinking that as we go along, you might want to save some or all of the ideas.  This is the time to get paper and start each page with a topic - like "Albums" for today.  Write down what you find important and the date you write it down. It is amazing how fast "fashion" changes as well as products that are available.   You may already have things on file that you can add to.  I welcome you to post and share what you are doing or have done.

I find that I work better in ring binder with Post It Durable Filing tabs rather than file folders.  I think it is because so often in file folders things slip out or don't get put back in.  I can go back and find things easier by looking at the tabs in the ring binder.  I try different techniques that I see and sometimes adhere the samples to the page.  I can then see at a glace if it worked or if I needed to do something else. 

Starting or using a binder or file folder can help get your creative "juices" going when you have a desert time.  I have binders for previous projects - that will be an idea for some technique Tuesday - and I have "business ideas" as well.  Good luck organizing and creating and keeping the memories you love.

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