Thursday, February 19, 2015

What do you do with "leftovers"?

In our family we usually make more at a meal so we can have leftovers.  When you scrap either for pages or cards or projects, what do you do with leftovers?  I have been working on pages and cards.  as I was putting things away, I began to sigh.  I hate to throw out paper - even a small size.  I was putting aways stamps taking time with other things so I didn't need to make a decision about whether to throw or to keep when I spotted a consultant stamp that had "thank you" kind of things.

I went through all the little pieces and decided that I could make some 3x3 cards that can have the cost of someone purchase or even just something to hand them ahead of time if they are paying.  I do have some large pieces to put away.  I used to put the pages I made in the same bag as the pieces so that I could embellish or make more pages if needed.  The pages I worked on have photos and they are already in an album.  I might make some additional pages or I may not but now I have to know how to reunite the paper packet pieces and the pages that are done.  That will be left for tomorrow.

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