Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Embossing folders

Embossing folders are something that you can use in a variety of ways.  In my upcoming album workshop, I am using ink IN the embossing folders.  You can put it on the side with indentations (lighter shade) and then after embossing you can just take a darker ink pad and rub over the embossed features.

The Close to My Heart embossing folders are 5x7 which can give you a great mat.  I was trying to make more pages so I did my mats 4x6 so I could get more out of a sheet of paper.  It just means that you will have to trim down the 4x6 photos or print them smaller to leave an edge around the mats.

Here I used colored paper for the mats so the embossing shows up when you use sandpaper.  You can also use chalk or sponge the raised portion to give it added pizazz.  Have fun with the dry embossing techniques! #HappyTimes paper.  Check out my website for purchasing embossing folders and shop for more great creative things : barbarapagekell.ctmh.com

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