Thursday, February 8, 2018

Cut Above Kitchen Traditions

My daughter's girls help her cook.  They are 8 and 4.  The other day one of them said "Mommy are you going to write down all our favorite recipes so we can use them when we get older?"  My daughter mentioned that to me and I showed her the Cut above Creative Collection of Kitchen Traditions.  She got one album set for each girl. 

They are super cute.  There is space for lots of photos - present day cooking and past people that gave the recipes.  There are journaling cards to remember the stories that go with them.  Have you ever wanted to give a gift to a child/grandchild/friend with all the "family secret" recipes? 

This is the time and this is the place.  The Bundle gives you everything but the album to put it in. 

The Kitchen Traditions stamp comes in the bundle and works wonderfully with the recipe cards. 
The Gimme Some Sugar Cardmaking stamp and Thin cuts also complements the kit and with the thin cuts you can make your own "stickers" to embellish the book.

This is only available until the end of April 2018.  If this is something you always wanted to do - take the time to order today.  If this is something you think you want in the future - you have 2 months to decide to buy the set.  Have fun remember the people that gave you the great food and family traditions.  

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