Friday, May 11, 2018

Story by Stacy

I have always urged people to do journaling in their own handwriting in their scrapbooks.  Some people get intimidated by this.  the reason stems from my own experience.  I know how I felt the first time I saw my dad’s handwriting after he had died.  He had written in a book he gave to our kids when they were little.  Handwriting and stories are important.  I remember all the stories I heard when I was growing up and sometimes got bored hearing them.  Now I wish I had more video and audio tapes of the people telling them.  I can’t always remember all the details.

Stacy Julian has partnered exclusively with Close To My Heart and this Story Starter Workshop is the first.  You can order the kit and do this individually or I can lead you in about 2 hours through the process of filling this little 4x4 book with special memories. We can do this in person or online!

The kit contains: 1-      Title card, 3-      Quote cards , 1 -      Created by card ,   18 stories cards,     Workshop instructions and a 4x4 album.

There is room for 9 photos/stories so with the 18 cards there is room for mistakes and rewrites.  Imagine that your brain is an attic that is full of boxes that are labeled with memories.  Sitting here right now you don’t remember all the details.  Many of our memories are sensory and can help remind us of what are in our “memory boxes”.  This workshop is to access your memories and get them down in writing. 

This workshop is great to repeat for all the people, places, and things you have experienced.  Did you start your own business?  Make a book and share your story with people that come to your business.  Do you remember stories of your Mom or Dad?  Do you want to share your memories of your siblings?  You can make these as gifts as well as things you can carry around with you! Is there a significant birthday or event that you would want to honor your child or friend?

You may make 1 and through the process find out you want to make more!

Do you have 2 hours in June that you want to take a walk down memory lane and create a cute 4x4 album?  Contact me and lets get together! #ctmhxstorybystace  #storybystacy  You can check out and follow on Instagram Story by Stacy.  You can also find the products easily on my website at: 
Shop or products.  

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