Sunday, June 3, 2018

Cards and more cards with pages!

There are 2 ways to make cards.  One is with the Workshop Your Way.  This Scrapbooking Kit will make 3 2-page layouts plus the opportunity to make 6-12 cards depending on the kit. 

The Workshop Your Way doesn't use stamps or inks. When you cut out your scrapbooking pages, you have the options to cut out the pieces that you can make cards.  You will need to add the stamps, sometimes with thin cuts, inks, cards and envelopes and a few other things.  You can also come to my house and use what I have.

Here is the new Workshop Your Way called Fresh Air. 

These are the 3 pages that you can make from the Workshop Your Way.  There is always "left overs" and from that I made the following 2 pages.
Below are 3 of the 4 cards you can make from this set. 

 Some of the papers have their own special Workshop Your Way that is just for cardmaking.  You make 6 of 2 different designs. You get a set of papers, a stamp set and just need the inks to complete the project.  Here are the 2 cards from Fresh Air.

You have some great designs and can get the paper packets and cardstock to make more or use the designs in new ways.  Look over what is available and start having fun with cards and pages. 

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