Wednesday, July 18, 2018

How do you organize all your paper and stamps?

Close to My heart has the STAMPAGANZA going on.  Buy 2 stamps at the regular price and you get 1 stamp of equal or lesser value free.  Both catalogs now go to August 31, 2018.  There will be ONE new catalog every 4 months instead of 1 annual and 1 seasonal (every 4 months).  CTMH is also bringing back the alphabet and number stamps.  Link to my website and you can see all the stamps.

This is the time of year I go through all my stamps.  I have small circles that I have put the stamps in the categories that they were labels and put them into my EXEL program for what I have.  This way I can see if I am missing in any category and take use of the Stampagnaza.

The 2 boxes on the right and the bottom one on the left come from the Iris company.  They are 7+ inches and I can put foam on the bottom and cardboard in the middle keep a number of stamps.  Close to My Heart had a great organizing box but that is gone and I don't know if there will be a replacement.


 Paper is another thing.  The far right boxes have loose paper and scraps.  When I finished a Workshop on the Go or a Workshop Your Way, I would put the stamps in their category and put the paper in color families.  I found that when I used the pages, I might need to make some more pages and had to hunt forever and so started with the middle and kept the pages and paper and directions together until I used them in an album and then put the scraps in the far right boxes.

The first photo on the left is what happens when I need to get my table ready for family or entertaining.  I just pile it up until I get back to it.  This year I am again in a quandary.  Close To My Heart is changing from 4 categories of paper -Adventure, Enchantment, Whimsy and Basic - to just being all together.  The Combo packets are going out as they groups no longer exist.  Now I need to look through my papers and find out if I think I will need extra cardstock for any of the "pages" I have in mind to use for albums.  I am working on 5 different albums and won't have them done before the paper categories are gone.

What do you do with your stamps and papers?  Having a conversation may help you and me decide how to carry on.  Please subscribe to my blog or like my Facebook post if you wish to continue the conversations there.  Look into the Stampaganza and check out the paper from both catalogs so you can complete your projects that you have in mind.

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