Friday, January 25, 2019

Left Overs

As I was cleaning up and getting ready for our family Christmas celebration, I came across some "left over" card projects.  They were from different times and groups.  Lately, I have been finishing the cards the week after the groups have met.  I thought about going back to the projects and seeing which stamps I had used but then rejected that idea. 

I had new stamps from this catalog so I used new stamps as they fit with the card kits I had made. I had several of each card but here is a sampling of what I made.

Each of the stamp sets have different sayings and I used different ones on the cards.  I was happy with the combination of old and new.  Sometimes I have just take the pieces of paper from the projects and put them in the scrap pile.  I had gifted most of the cards for Christmas and thought it was time to start getting my "stash" of cards together. 

All of us have projects that are in the middle of completion.  Sometimes the directions and the paper get separated.  Think about what you have and what you can do with what you have.  Maybe it will be combining old and new as well.  Have fun and let go of what you did create and create something new with it.  The cold and snow have kept me inside and it has been a perfect match of clearing up some piles of halfway completed projects.  Go for it!  Have fun! 

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