Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What I have been doing lately!

I usually like to be creative.  Two things have take time away from making new samples of anything.

First there has been talk among consultants about how people sort their stamps and how people take the plastic snap off the envelopes.  There are 3 different methods I have seen and they are to get the plastic post out of the snap - by sodering iron, drummer and pliers.  I chose the later method.

After taking off the snaps, one needs to make a slit so that the flap has a place to go.  

I have kept the stamp sets in the orgianal labels from Close to my heart in Excel but on my boxes I have put them with titles as I would use them.  This time I have combined the the boxes and excel and labeled the boxes with numbers so I can look up a stamp from the Excel and find it.  Taking off the snaps have allowed me to have 2 medium and 1 large box empty.

That has taken a while.

The second thing that happened was in January, the family noticed that 2 large shelves were bending forward.  My husband took everything off those shelves and anchored the shelves to the wall.  I am now in the process of sorting and putting things back on the shelves - not quite done before we went on the mission trip to Chatham.

Every once and a while one needs to do deep cleaning in every corner of one’s house and home.  I will keep you posted about finishing this project!

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