Thursday, April 9, 2015

Technique of the Week - BYOB - Bring Your Own Basics Level 1

Someone asked me "What do I need to get started?"  Even as I answered that question in person and then tried to figure out what I might write about it, the list kept getting longer and longer.  I guess as you branch out, there are other things that become essentials. You will need paper, ink and stamps to do any project.  To work with those things you will need the following:

Where do you start?  I started with CUTTING:

You need a small and large scissors.  The best is titanium as it won't stick to the adhesives.  Close To My Heart has these Non-stick Micro tip scissors.

You will also need a paper trimmer.  These come in all sizes and shapes.  You have to look at the platform you want.  Some have a 6 inch platform.  Many times I have found that I cut under the 6 inches and don't need to pull the arm out.  The most important thing is that you can read the numbers.  On some trimmers, the number's aren't in black and it becomes hard to see where to cut.  Also some trimmers use tracks with a groove and the blade will wobble over time and not cut as accurately.  Some use rotary cutters and mats.  Look at what is replacement parts.  The cheapest to buy may not always serve you in the long run nor be cheapest to maintain. Close To My Heart  has a

The next big thing is to "stick" things together with adhesives.  There are many different types of "sticky" and they each have their special uses.

 There are tape runners.  Some have dots and some are solid and some are in squares.  There is also liquid like the Broad Tip Glue Pen as well as a Bonding Memories™ Glue Pen which is smaller.  You need to make sure of where you are using the adhesive as some time you need to go close to the edge which goes over.  You can put scrap paper under you or have the  All Purpose Mat  or the VersaMat.

But it doesn't end there.  One of the best investments I ever made was for the Rub and Remove Eraser. This has been THE most wonderful thing in doing the cards from the Cricut Artfully Sent as many times the adhesive can be seen from the front and this little wonder gets it right off.
 You also need to be able to clean the stamps when you use them.  This is a 2 part process - the liquid cleaner and something to put it on.  There are many stamp pad cleaners.  You can even use paper towel.  Using a cleaner preserves your stamps and keeps them usable. 

So much for Level 1.  Level 2 will come later as I talk about using other products.  All the links are to my website.  You can find the My Acrylix® Stamp Sets, My Reflections™ Scrapbook Products (12" × 12"), and  Exclusive Inks™.  There is also plain cardstock to fill in for other projects.  

When you go to a crop or workshop, check if you need to bring your own basics or find out what will be provided for you.  The Level 1 is what you will need at home or away to make the projects that will keep your memories for a long time.  

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