Friday, August 14, 2015

Studio J

I have been playing with this program I love. Not through the end of August, all the papers that Close To My Heart has ever had are available.  September 1 some of the papers least used will be discontinued.  This is happening because there is need to make room for more papers coming up.

I have used "Older" paper in Studio J to fill in parts of my albums because the paper no longer exists or I don't have enough left to finish a page that I found pictures to use. 

This is a great way of getting pages done with no mess or fuss.  You do the page online and order and get your 12x12 photos that are your pages!  They look super.  You can use the Express collection and have everything ready for you to get your page done.  There are just blank pages that you can start from scratch.  It is also possible to have only photos printed so that you can do the Instalife album easily and cheaper than printing photos the regular way.  This gives you flexibility to have different size photos.

If you click on the second set, you will see 2 of the photos pix-elated.  The program told me that the photo wasn't the quality to get that big but I have done it before and they turned out alright.  I will make note the next time!  I usually set my digital camera to a larger size - 8x10 and then resize it down.  These 2 were taken on my Iphone and I will and I will have to see if I can raise the quality. 

I am going to go back and see if I can find the prints and see if I can print them and just glue them over.  You can "bling" your pages after you get them or ever put flip flaps on the page protectors to add photos to the pages.  Check out Youtube for Studio J tutorials.

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