Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Challenge Yourself!

Challenges are fun.  It is fun to see what others are doing with a challenge - what they can do with the same design. I thought I would challenge myself to see how different I could make cards with the same beginning pieces.   

One of the card groups makes 3 of each kind.   When I make up what is left over, it leaves me with duplicates.  I decided may they would like a variety as well.  If you want - do a challenge with these pieces for a shaker card or share your "pieces" and the different ways that you have used them.  

Here are my basic pieces:
You will need Z4310 Shaker Window Foam and Acetate and Z4304 or what color of loose sequins you desire from Close To my Heart.  Check out

Here are the different cards I made from these beginnings.

They are all Happy Birthday shaker cards.  See what you can do with them.  

I am also doing another shaker card giving them a chance to have different occasions for the card to be stamped on it.

The last card we are making in triplicate has the ability to stamp whatever saying you need in the circle.  The Gold and green shimmer pens on the flowers doesn't show up well in the photo but does in person.

I hope you have fun challenging yourself from time to time.  It helps spark creativity in other areas.  

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