Friday, September 6, 2019

Cut Above Calendar - Reasons to smile

 Reasons to Smile Calendar with stamp set is what I am highlighting!

A calendar made just from you to special people has always been available from Close To My Heart.  CTMH has changed catalogs to 2 months from 4 which means it will seem as soon as they are here, they will be gone! Until October 31, you can get this wonderful Cut Above Calendar. Don't wait - Don't' hesitate.  Get it today.  It is super easy to put together.  The base pages are made for you and so are the punch outs and stickers.  The directions show you how to put it together.  You can get the kit without the stamp set.  You can get the kit without the calendar and make 12 wonderful pages.

This year they also have stickers for the numbers of the days of each month.  There is a wonderful stamp set to help highlight what happens on the days.  I make my calendars for gifts and some of the stickers are things that need to go on as the year progresses.  I am going to make stickers to give with the calendar so my recipients can keep having this calendar share what they need to do.

If this looks like a project that you would want to do, let me know.  I can come to your house if 2 - 3 want to make this together or you can come to my house and have a great time putting it all together.

Here are the months. 

There is a cover which is also great - if you are doing these as a scrapbook you actually have 12 12x12 pages.

The directions are great at making this project quick and simple.

I love this stamp set and it will be good for other calendars as well as useful in scrapbooking.

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