Monday, March 16, 2015

Being a consultant

I thought I would share about being a consultant for Close To My Heart.  I have done scrapbooking and stamping for a long time.  When I began in 1979, you had to put black ink from what looked like a rolling deodorant container onto heavy felt to make your ink pad each time you wanted to work.  I have worked with many products over the years. Things I still like came from companies that don't exist anymore. I chose to become a consultant for Close To My Heart in 2006.  I had used their products since they were called DOTS in the 1990's.  Where I moved there were no consultants and I really wanted to continue using the wonderful products.  The Month of March has some special promotions if you want to become a consultant. 

You will see this on the Close To My Heart website:

Thinking about joining Close To My Heart? March is the month to do it! During the month of March*, new Consultants who enroll will receive a FREE shoulder tote (a retail value of over $26 USD / $29 CAD with their New Consultant Kit. Our New Consultant Kit is just $99 USD / $109 CAD and includes nearly triple the retail value in products and supplies. Including your FREE shoulder tote, that is a savings of over $290 USD / $320 CAD! Additionally, new Consultants who remit $300 (USD & CAD) worth of commissionable sales in their first 40 days after their New Consultant Kit ships will receive the rolling tote (a retail value of $149.95 USD / $164.95 CAD) as a FREE bonus (not including shipping/handling)! These organization pieces are designed to help you get your business rolling, but they are only available while supplies last, so hurry on over and join today!

My reasons?
1. I love the stamps.  They are so easy to store!  I have the same amount of stamps in a fraction of the space that the wooden stamps take up.
2. The paper is superior to so much on the market that is about the same price. So are so many of the products that are available.  The quality runs throughout all the products.
3. The company cares about YOU.  There is so much online training - not just in how to use the product, but about being a business person, having teams, caring for people who are your customers and so much more.  Then there is training in person at events and yearly convention.
4. My upline and others who are consultants, supervisors, and directors are also gems of resources and help. There is a spirit of cooperation and helping others to grow their creativity and business.
5. There is great support from corporate - weekly updates as well as great phone people in so many areas.
6. There are creative books that help you do exactly what is on the page and then become creative and do your own thing!
7.  Jeannette Lynton and her corporate team couldn't be greater people and helpers but also forward thinking in the industry. 

I would encourage you to think about becoming a consultant.  This is a great company to be a hobbyist or create your own great business.  Think about it.  Message me.  Let's talk.

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