Saturday, March 7, 2015

Technique of the Week - Wet embossing

It can be confusing because there are 2 different things called embossing.  There is dry embossing which used a machine to "smoosh" a pattern from an embossing folder into the paper.  There is also wet embossing in which you use pigment int or VersaMark clear ink and put embossing powder on it.  Part of the reason to use the powder is that the ink dries slowly on its own.

You take an "embossing buddy" and rub it over the paper you are going to stamp.  There are bits of things on that paper that the embossing powder would stick to if you didn't rub this over the paper first.  You stamp into the VersaMark ink and then onto your paper.  It is hard to see the image but it is there.  You may not be able to see it but here is a coffee filter on under everything on the photo.  (There are great plastic trays you can power powder or glitter onto paper.  They have spout to pour things back into the master container which you can also use but a coffee filter is just as easy.) You put your stamped image onto the coffee filter and pour the embossing powder generously onto the paper. Tap the paper so that excess powder falls off into the coffee filter.  I suggest you carefully fold the filter to a point and put the extra powder back into it's original container.  When you use your heat gun it could melt the powder on the table.

You can see a little alligator clip holding onto the paper.  You can use that or use the All Purpose Mat from Close To My Heart.   This is great to work on.  Ink and glue won't stick and it it heat resistant.  If you have a small piece, the heat gun can blow it off. 
You turn on the heat gun and start moving across the paper with the powder.  Do not stay to long on anyone part.  You will see it shift from powder to shiny.  Once it has turned shiny, move over the image going back and forth on the powder side. when it is shiny you stop.   This is a heat gun and it will burn the paper.  There may be times you want a "browned" paper effect but it isn't most of the time.

I have to laugh because the one that says "Thinking of you" is really with silver powder!  It really looks silver in my hand but not on the photo. There is the thing on the internet about the "blue and black or gold and black" dress.  The Silver Shimmer trim on the card looks gold as well.  The first card with the flowers is also in silver!  I also used Stardust Glitz on the little flowers on the top row.

I am trying to make cards for a vendor fair.  When you have "bling" that is more than 1/4 " thick on a card and send it through the mail, it will be torn to sherds if you don't put extra postage on it.  You also have to pay more if it weighs more than 1 oz.  I am trying for great "thin" look.  Happy card making.

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