Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 1 starts the new Seasonal Expressions and goes through August 2017

You have 4 months to do somethings with 4 great papers.  You also have THIS month to get Live Beautifully and do great things with it.  I am sharing the papers from 3 of the packets.  Later I will post the cards that accompany the Workshop Your Way.

The first one is "Little Dearmer".  You couldn't get cuter thank with this unicorn set.  There is enough leeway with the double sided paper that if you don't have photos for the unicorn, there is the other side of the paper to work with.

The next paper is "Prickley Pear".  The fiesta spirit is strong with this one.  I love the Workshop Your Way as it gives you great layouts but enough paper and extra things to make more pages and to change what pages they have laid out for you.  You have enough to make 6 - 12 cards depending on the paper packet.

The last one that I did was "No Worries".  All of them are great sets of papers that you can make for your photos.  Remember that you can get just the paper packets and complimentary cardstock and go wild with all the creating you would ever want to do.

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