Friday, September 21, 2018

October cards in Baraboo

There are 2 holidays coming up: Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Not everyone sends card for either seasons so for the October class, people will get to choose if they want to do Halloween and/or Thanksgiving.  I love Close to My Heart paper because there are always 2 sides to choose from.

I have 2 sets of stamps - 1 Halloween and 1 Thanksgiving for each card.  People can choose which way they want to go. It is amazing how different the cards look even when the same paper is used just choosing the other side.

You can probably see that the paper is not down real straight and that is because I want to show the class how to choose and make the cards.  I didn't adhere the paper to the card - just laid it down on top.  

I love the How-to-books that Close To My Heart has.  They show you a pattern, how to cut it and then give you ideas of how to make it different and exciting.  Because these are not finished cards, I don't have any bling on them.  I might not use bling depending on how I am going to use the cards.  If your card is "bumped up" too high, it will cost you $.43.  If you are handing people cards or are willing to pay the extra postage it doesn't matter how much you "bump" things up.  

Have fun!

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