Monday, September 3, 2018

Workshop Your Way: Hugs for You and more

Workshop Your Ways exist for both pages and cards.  The Boutique paper has a Workshop You Way for cards called "Hugs for You". 

The top 2 are from the Workshop Your Way and the bottom card I made up using some of the features from the Workshop Your Way for the first Card workshop in Baraboo this week.  I love to use the designs that are given and I love to create my own cards.  Some people call it "scraplift" when they take elements of something and make changes that make the project their own.  Think about all the ways you can do the project as given and do the project changing things around.

Everyone can get into ruts and for a while I haven't stamped on the envelopes or put a back stamp on my cards. 

This month I have tried both.  It is fun to decorate the envelop to match the card.  Close To My Heart has an Angel Policy set of stamps if you are selling stamps using the Close to my Heart directions and materials but this is Stamped with Love - A1222. It helps to make the card especially from you.

I like the Hugs for You as you can put a sentiment inside for sympathy or birthday or even friendship.  Many times I just leave the cards blank inside and write in them as I need them.  I really love the versatility of the cards that come from Close To My Heart.

Check out my website to see all the new paper packets and the other pages and card Workshop You Ways and stamps that are going to be here for the next 4 months.  Close To My Heart does a great job on their How-to-books for pages and cards to help you get a basic design but also it gives you ways you can change it for your needs.  This catalog has a special How-to-book for those who love to create their own cards and pages.  It is called "Love of Color" 9045.  This will help you understand more about colors that compliment your projects.  You can pick out the colors that can best make your projects "pop" and "shine".  For those who do their own designs this is a must.  

Have fun creating.  Remember: There are no mistakes - just great opportunities to embellish your work!

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