Thursday, June 8, 2017

Card Challenge 6: Flags, banners, pennants and more.

Card Challenge 6:  Flags, banners, pennants and more.

The end of the flags that goes up and down like an upside down V is called a “dovetail”.  You can cut at an angle up to the middle and fold it over and cut from the other side and it comes out more even.  I used shimmer trim for the “flags”.  I did some angle cuts and some dovetails.  You can have them hang down from the top, have them point up or go sideways.  They can be layered with paper and shimmer trim.  I used a banner “thank you” from the Flower Market Cricut Cartridge.  I actually didn’t use any inks on the cards.  Remember: when you use Shimmer trim, put about ½ “ adhesive on scrap paper and put the shimmer trim down on it and it will pull up easier than fighting with using your finger nails to get the backing off.  

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