Thursday, June 1, 2017

Challenge 1: 3 identical sizes of paper and stamp color on color

Challenge 1 – same shapes – stamp color on color.  Many times you will have scraps left over. Often they are just kept in a bag or left on a shelf.   I have brought out my scraps and just started making cards and pages.  Before you adhere anything to the paper, see how many different ways you can lay them out.  See what gets the “ah ha” in your head.  Feel free to use any embellishments that you want on the pages or cards. 

Page Challenge: Neutral base pages may need some extra stamping to make the page not seem so blank.  Use 3 – 2x12 pieces that can be the same or different color in different arrangements.   I did 2 pages as that is how I will use them.  You can make just 1 page and use some of the same colors for a later 1 page challenge.  There is nothing that says that the pieces need to add up or look the same.  Most of the time it makes a continuous looking 2 page layout but if you have lots of photos on the pages it may not matter.  Use different stamps for color on color and you can use the same stamp with the same or different color on the page.  You can also use colored paper or background and texture paper for base pages.  Remember you can turn the page to any side of the paper for a much different look.  Remember that you can edge the paper on pages as well as on cards. 


I used D1720 Keep Dreaming and D1713 Hello Lovely – Scrapbooking with Archival Black ink as I used the Water Colors and the Water brush.  Over the top I used the Gold Shimmer Brush over the words and flowers.  Remember that using this over watercolor will activate the watercolors and can look need in blending or make a mess.  You could also stamp the flowers on patterned paper or cardstock and cut them out.  If you want to use the exact color of the inks, you can use a brush with the re-inker or push down on the cover of the ink pads and use the ink with your brush or water brush.
I stamped the leaves with Topiary.   It was hard to see how the Gold Shimmer brush make a difference on the pages.

Annual Catalog: page 95 starts the color/paper section with Sea Glass. The color shades come in “families” of Whimsy, Adventure, Enchantment, and Basics.  The ink stamp pads and re-inker are water based.  The mini pigment pads are just that pigment.  Pigment can have the embossing powder over it to help it dry or just remember it takes longer to dry or use heat setting.  If you are making albums the water base is just fine.  However, if you are putting something up on a wall for display and you want to keep it for a while, you need the pigment ink.  Water base will fade in sunlight where pigment ink won’t. 
In the Annual book on page 65-69 are stamps that can work well for this challenge.  You can use stmaps as borders.  

Mini memories (4x4 books) on page 80 in the Annual book and Every day life on page 82 as well as pocket pages can benefit from this as well.  You can have scraps that will turn these into great projects.  Save your scraps but USE them as well.
Seasonal Expressions has Card and Scrapbook thin cuts and stamps which can be used once or in a repeating pattern.  

Disclaimer on cards: I need to make 125 Thank you cards for a wedding gift by September so most of the card samples will have the “thank you” theme.  Any stamp and any theme is acceptable.  Close To My Heart cards are 5 ½ by 4 ¼ so that is the base size that I am making the samples from. 

Card Challenge: Use 3 - 2x3 shapes on the card.  It can be the same color or different colors or patterns.  In my samples I used Lagoon, Smoothie and Topiary and sponged the edges.  I used for the “thank you” words D1703 Nature’s wish, A1192 Happy Heart and S1706 Hello Foxy.   I used the Basic Oval Thin cut and the A1206 Scripty Thank You.  Use a stamp, shape, Cricut or thin cut on the card.  You can stamp a message on the inside if you wish.

You can go to my website and go to SHOP.  You can find everything: paper, stamps, inks& coloring, embellishments, tools, dies, cards & envelopes.  Remember that the Albums are on sale this month.  Buy one and get a second for ½ off.  You can check under Mini Albums for sizes other than the 12 x 12.  Sometimes just a little something extra will allow you to use the scraps you have saved.  Have fun.  Post here or on my Facebook site. 

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