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Challenge 3 - CTMH watercolors ROCK!

Challenge 3: Close To My Heart Watercolors rock! (Annual catalog page 104) 

The watercolor pigments are super.  Message me and I can send you a chart that will help you get your water colors to match any of the Close To My Heart paper.)  The lid has “dips” in it so that you can mix colors in them.  They dry but because they are water colors you can reconstitute them and keep using them.  Also you can start at the upper left and go across and number the lid with marker so that you can leave notes as to what colors you used.  I love the water brushes as well!  They are easy to use and you can keep going without ever dipping your brush in water.  There are 3 sizes of brushes for your project: small, medium round and medium flat.  The Close To My Heart regular paint brushes are good quality as well.  The Watercolor paints, regular brushes and waterbrushes are all on page 104.  There are also Watercolor pencils with a Blending Pen which can look great.  Using watercolor pencils can be forgiving.  You don't need to be exact as the blending pen or waterbrush will cover the lines and blend them to a beautiful hue. 

With just the “left overs”from the Little Dreamer Workshop Your way,  I made this 2 page layout.  I needed a little bit of 1x12 pieces.  I enjoy trying to use up what is left over rather than keeping the drips and drabs until you can’t remember what paper packets they went with.  I used both sets of stamps with their thin cuts Z3335 Little Dreamer Cardmaking Stamp + thin cut and Z3334 little Dreamer Scrapbooking stamp + Thin cut.  I used Lagoon, Thistle, Tangerine, and Whisper inks.  Look at the bottom of the post for the Workshop Your Way Little Dreamer. 

The Watercolor paper on page 101 is 10 sheets for $6.95(add tax and shipping).  This paper is heavier and won’t warp with the water use.  If you are doing either a large piece or concentrated coloring, I recommend doing it on this paper.  Even for the smaller stamps you may want too watercolor, this is the paper to use.  If you do use regular paper, you can iron it carefully between 2 pieces of copy paper on high for a short time to get it to lay flat.  

Rainbow:  If you use Whisper ink, you can do a second generation stamp. (That means you ink it and stamp on a piece of scratch paper and without reinking, stamp it on your project.  Using this as a guide, you can use the water colors over the light Whisper ink.  If you use a lighter color first and before it dries a darker color, it will blend together.  (Thanks to Wendy Coffman a Close To My Heart person for that tip).

FLIP FLAPS: One of the greatest things are the different sizes of Flip Flaps.  They are on page 12 in the Annual Catalog.  On this page where I have only 2 3x3 photo spaces, I will use the 3x3 flip flaps.  Each Flip Flap allows 2 more photos.  You can use 1 and have journaling on the underside.  Here on this page where I do have journaling space, I might even use 2 – 3 or 4 Flip Flaps in cascading presence or on top of each other.  The Flip Flaps are put on the page protector so one doesn’t put them on until you know the order your page protectors are going to be in. You will find them under, Shop and then Pocket Scrapbooking.  

 This is the Little Dreamer Workshop your way  and cards - see page 9 in the Seasonal Expressions or under Shop, Kits, and Little Dreamer.

For this challenge I didn't do separate cards but just shared the cards from the Little Dreamer Workshop your way.  You cut for 3 - 2 page layouts and this time for 9 cards.  


In each of the Seasonal Expressions catalogs, you will find 4 different Workshop Your Way.  This catalog has Little Dreamer.  Each of the smaller catalogs are only available for a 4 month period.  If you like the paper, you need to get it before it is gone for good.  With each Workshop Your Way, you get 3 – 2 page layouts and 6 - 12 cards.  In the Seasonal Expressions May – August 2017 You will find the Little Dreamer paper on page 5 and the Workshop Your Way on page 9.  The 9 cards are optional.   On page 10 you will see the Little Dreamer – Cardmaking and on page 11 Little Dreamer -Scrapbooking.

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